I’m a qualified garden designer with an extensive horticultural background working with private and commercial clients since qualifying at Pershore College fifteen years ago.  My passion is good design with cohesive, stylish planting. 

With experience comes an understanding of gardens and plants, and a realisation that not all gardens need ‘ripping out and starting over’.  The majority, with care and consideration, can be rejuvenated with clever design tweaks and good, seasonally aware planting.  Often by doing this, we can re-cycle materials, restore original features without upsetting resident wildlife whilst keeping the history of the garden intact.  Gardens mature and evolve in time, and time isn’t something you can create, buy or replace.

I’m enthusiastic to help you have the garden you wish to enjoy, you’ll require the desire and I’ll provide the guidance, knowledge and reassurance. Not only am I happy to work with you to design your garden and/or planting, I will help you become a good gardener so your outdoor space remains a place to enjoy and be proud of.

The majority of my working life has been based in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the Cotswolds.  However, my design and planting work has taken me to London and Italy whilst my management career to large estate gardens and specialist plant nurseries.

I now live in Shrewsbury and look forward to meeting new clients here in the town and surrounding county of Shropshire.  

Please feel free to call or email me, and we can start the process of you having an amazing garden.

07891 511598