Plants furnish a garden, breathing life and vitality into your outdoor space.  

Continually evolving and maturing, they add style and seasonal interest with colour, scent, texture and shape, encouraging insects and wildlife into our gardens.

Planting Plans and schedules are the backbone to a well-planted garden.  Each garden is individual and your plan is bespoke to you and your garden. 

Planting plans are particularly important with regards to Structural Plants, they are the core to any good planting scheme.  These include hedges, trees, large evergreen shrubs and plants of special interest that provide focal points within your garden design. 

With over 12 Years’ Experience in planting, we’re confident our drawing process works, detailing structural and specialist plants on a plan and specifying all necessary details on a planting list with planting instructions.  All other smaller and herbaceous planting is listed on a schedule ready to be laid out on site ready for planting.  

We find this a more economical way of planning planting schemes; the less money spent on planning is money spent on plants, which can only be a good thing!

Planting plans and schedules are priced in accordance to size and complexity of individual gardens and areas.  Fees start from £250.

We can also Procure plants for you, organise delivery and recommend qualified planting specialists to plant your garden if needed.

Maintenance plans can also be produced, specifically for your garden, tailored to you.